2024/3/28(THU) Free webinar “How to merge human and AI design to become a human/AI hybrid designer”

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※締切:2024年3月28日(木) 19:00

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On March 28th, (Thursday) Creek and River Co., Ltd, will hold the seminar “Future Trends in UI: How to merge human and AI design to become a human/AI hybrid designer”

*This webinar is available in English (original) or Japanese (interpretation).

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*Application deadline: 2024/3/28(Thu) 19:00

「AI はあなたのデザインや想像力を置き換えるのではなく、強化するものです。AI の力でデザインと想像力を強化する方法を学びましょう。」<セミナーの内容>
・ゲーム、アプリ、Web サイトの UI デザインのデモンストレーション
・Midjourney を使用してグラフィックおよび UI デザインを生成する方法
・AIデザインをデザインツールと統合してプロフェッショナルな UIデザインを作成する方法
・質疑応答:デザインに関するご質問は、デモンストレーション中ご質問いただけますWatch over the shoulder of an expert designer as he uses graphics and designs from Midjourney to help create modern professional interfaces for games, apps, and websites.“AI will not replace your designs and imagination, it will enhance them.
Learn how to supercharge your designs and imagination with the power of AI.”
– Jacob Nelson, global design expertSuperior user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and player experience (PX) design is what separates forgettable games, apps, and sites from best-selling, must have apps, and sites you can’t live without.Whether you’re designing a game, app, or website, experience is everything. Therefore, focusing only on creating a good game story or useful website or app isn’t enough to keep people engaged and wanting more. You need to create delightfully simple end-to-end experiences with gorgeous intuitive interfaces that are fun to use, provide value, build trust, and align business goals with user and player needs.You need incredible UX, UI, and PX. And in this webinar, we’ll cover some of the most important design principles that every designer needs to know if you want your games, apps or websites to be easy-to-use and successful in the market.[What’s covered in the webinar?]
-Live creation of UI designs for games, apps, and websites
How to generate graphic and UI designs with Midjourney
How to integrate AI design with design tools to create professional UI designs
Listen live to an expert’s thinking process behind every design decision
-Open Q&A
Ask any design related question during the live demonstration
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2024年3月28日(木) 19:00~20:00■場所
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・ゲームデベロッパー / ゲームデザイナー / ゲームプランナー
・ユーザー / プレーヤーリサーチァー
・プログラマー / デベロッパー■参加費
※締切:2024年3月28日(木) 19:00

▼eラーニング「卓越したUIを作る ゲーム、アプリ、Webサイト」(講師:ジェイコブ・ネルソン氏)▼eラーニング「UI/UX基礎講座」
Future Trends in UI:How to merge human and AI design to become a human/AI hybrid designer
■Date and time
2024/3/28(Thu) 19:00~20:00■Place
Held online(Zoom)

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Jacob Nelson
After graduating from the University of Washington with an M.S. in Information Management, Jacob Nelson worked in multiple leadership positions at global and local companies as Head of Design R&D, Head of UX&PX Strategy, Head of Digital Marketing & Brand, and others. Jacob was also a design mentor for Staffordshire University and the University of Washington.He has worked on countless projects, sites, apps, and mobile games over his career with his mobile games showcased in the coveted “Featured Games” and “Top Charts” on Google Play and App Store. Jacob also won the “Best Marketing Team” award at the 2018 Global Carrier Awards. His recent publications include an educational series on PX&UX design and joint paper with the University of Tokyo, “Affective Computing on Mental Health” (Game IoT for Healthcare).Currently, Jacob leads the fusion of UX (sites, applications) and PX (games) design, and is engaged in research and development of products and services that utilize AI, IoT, DLT, NFT, and other future technologies.■Participants
-Game developer
-Game designer
-Game planner
-Product Designer
-Web Designer
-Web Producer
-Graphic Designer
-UX Designer
-UI Designer
-User / Player Researcher
-Programmer / Developer■Entry fee
100 people■Organizer
CREEK and RIVER Co., Ltd.▼Please sign up from below.
*Application deadline: 2024/3/28(Thu) 19:00[Related Course]
▼e-learning program by Jacob Nelson “Make Outstanding UI for Games, Apps & Websites”【Contact】
In charge of the webinar ” Future Trends in UI “

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